About Us

 Our group is consist of six members. we are students of Sri Sangabodhi central college Dankotuwa Sri lanka. We worked hardly as team to success our project and aware people about



Haritha Aseka  ( G.C.E. O/L exam in 2010) 

Country :- Sri Lanka
Age    :- 16        

-Won whole island software competition in 2010.
work as the team leader for theNatural disaster
project did the main designing part and editing.
Also contributed with contant adding.

My email :- skyharitha@gmail.com




Avindu tharumal (G.C.E. O/L exam in 2010)

Country :- Sri Lanka
Age    :- 16        

 The majour designing fedting in 2010and hope
to study Mathematics as well as content adding.
subject for G.C.E. A/L worked very hard to success this project.

My email :- avinduonline@gmail.com





Gayantha kavinda

Country :- Sri Lanka
Age    :- 16        

(G.C.E. O/L exam in 2010)

 Worked with designing and contact adding

My email :- gayanthaonline#gmail.com





Sanjaya sudarshana

Country :- Sri Lanka
Age    :- 16        

 Study in grade 11. Very much interested on ICT & do designing. One of the bright

Students in the school. Worked with content adding & fact finding.

My email :- sanjayasudarshana@gmail.com


Sudesh madushanka (madusankasenanayaka@gmail.com)

Study in grade 11. Wish to develop his IT skills more. Worked with content adding & fact finding.



Tharidu Malshan (djtharidumalshan@gmail.com)

Passed GLE O/L exam in 2010 Very competent in English & ICT worked with contend adding finding.