What is the TSUNAMI…….?

                    A tsunami is a series of very big ocean waves caused by an earthquake under the sea. The waves travel in all directions from the point of the quake, like the ripples that move outwards when you throw a stone into a pond. The coast of Indonesia.


How Fast Does a Tsunami Travel?

             A Tsunami can race across the sea at up to 500 miles (805 kilometers) an hour 9as fast as a jet plane!).In deep water, its waves are only a few feet high and travel very fast. When the waves come close to shore, they slow dow3n but increase in energy and become much higher.


Steps for protecting from a wave of tsunami

  • Just as we sea the climbing up or climbing down at the water  of sea unusually. go towards the country side at least 2km far from sea . other  wise go to a high place near by.
  • boats and ships should be taken to the deep sea . Therefore they can be protected in deep sea
  • Many waves of tsunami can come towards the land. So do not think that the tsunami disaster is finished after coming  a one wave. Because second  and third waves can come very dangerously
  • When tsunami come ,we can not run faster than the wave. Because it arrives so fast. On the 20th December ,the tsunami waves have come to Hambanthota at the speed of 400kmh-1 and in eastern province and Galle. They have come at the speed of 300kmh-1 and 200kmh-1 usually when someone sea the wave which comes at the speed of 200kmh-1 , be can become unconscious. Before thinking and doing anything, He can be swallowed by the tsunami Therefore just as we got known that the waves is coming we should climb to a safe place.
  • After flowing the water along the coast areas and canals with waves, a situation of flood can be seen. So we should leave the river broders when we know that tsunami arrives .   

Some of the World`s Worst Tsunamis 



Indian ocean earthquake with Tsunami-Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Somalia, Myanmar and other countries (deaths) 174,662 – missing 107,721*


Papua New Guinea (Deaths – 3,000)


Moro Gulf, Philippines, (Deaths – 5,000)


Good Friday  earthquake, Alaska and Hawaii, U.S (Deaths – 122)


Great Chilean  earthquake, deaths in Chile, Hawaii,  Philippines   and Japan (Deaths – 2,000)


Aleutian island  earthquake, deaths in Hawaii and Alaska, U.S (Deaths – 165)


Sanriku, Japan (Deaths – 3,000)


Messina, Italy,  earthquake and Tsunami (Deaths – 70,000)




krakatoa volcano exposion (deaths 36,000)


chile (deaths,25,674)


japan (deaths 27,000)