Project Summary

            We decided to do a project under the topic of  “Natural Disaster”  because today it is widely discussed among the public and also Natural Disaster has created much fear among us.

            Not only that it is also capable of making the society complicated. When looking at Natural Disasters it is very clear that they canes a big threat to human lives, properties, animals and the forest coverage. Actually it has become a serious problem.

            Thought we called such disasters “Natural Disaster” human activities are interrelated with them. Landslides and earthquakes are some of  the apt examples for man made disasters. In this project we hope to deal with it in depth and the measure that can be taken to minimize such calamities.

            Through this project national and international disasters are discussed and also those whose like to watch videos and photos on various disasters will be provided  such resources and those who wish to get more information can log on to some web site which is listed here.