Floods are natural disasters which occur environmental problems. It is known as the conditions of overflowing a river. Floods measure two maximum water level which goes underwater extend of the land, flow the volume of water.


                    A large amount of rain water flowing into lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in a very short time causes the water to overflow resulting in flooding. At present even in areas where there are no lakes< rivers or reservoirs, overflowing of rain water after heavy rains takes place. Whichever way, a land getting covered with water causes flooding. So we see that the main cause of flooding is heavy rains. But the following factors also contribute to a great extent, namely, cyclone, hurricanes, earthquake, landslides and tsunami conditions. Melting glaciers also can cause flooding. All these can cause flooding in a very short time.


Influence Of The Man

  Clearing and using slope lands for cultivation
  Filling up low lands
  Clearing forest in rain catchment areas
  Setting fire to jungles
                   In addition to the reasons mentioned above, blocking the natural flow of water such as canals, construction roads along steep slopes, adding non-biodegradable plastics to water ways also cause flooding.


After a Flood

·     Be concerned about those who may need first aid or medical assistance.

·     Do not use the water from the wells for drinking or cooking till you are advised

     by the Public Health Authorities.

·     Listen to the radio often and keep in touch with the news.

·     Do not walk on flood water. (This water may contain oil, fuel, sewage, and even
     current leaks from loose electricity connection)

·      Always avoid flowing water.

·      Take care when you go by vehicles since the roads may be broken.

·      Inform the authorities as soon as possible about any damaged current wires or

·      Be careful about sharp object when you enter buildings.

·      Throw out any food water wash you hands well.

·      Always rink boiled and cooled water.

·      Wash any green leaves well in salt water.

·       Every one must cooperate to bring the house back into order.






A Little Story

Shakila :-  Mother, why are your packing up your things?


Mother :-  Where have you been all this time? Uncle Sumane has been going round the village saying that the water level of the river has gone over the normal level of “Kumbak” tree. Last time when it happened, at once the whole village got under water. It was announced over the radio too, that there is a threat of floods to-day    

Shakila :-   How did you manage to listen to the radio? Electricity has got  cut out.


Mother :-    I brought new batteries just as the rain started. The touch is also ready with new batteries.


Kasun :-    Mother !Where is father?


Mother :-  Father taking in the things in the garden. Son you also go and help him,tie up the motor to that concrete post.


Kasun :-   whatever for?


Mother:-    If floods comes all those will get washed away.


Kasun:-     Mother, I will bring the cat and the dog.Their behaviour today is very strange. They are restless from morning.


Mother:-   That is right! Animals feel the changes in nature much before us.So we had better hurry up.




Father:-   What are you doing with those jewellery? you should have given to me yesterday, and I would have left them too at our brothers, along with the documents. 


Kasun:-    what documents, father?


Father:-    why,the deeds, insurance certificates, examination certificates, birth certificates. yesterday I took all of them and left them  at brothers, Collect only the essential things. Daughter, go and remove the plugs and keep them on top of the concrete cupboard. Now, you go and collect enough food for about two three days as well as some bottles of drinking water.


Mother :-   Food?


Father :-   Yes, I took some biscuits and also my medicine.


Father:-    Now,every one listen!We are now going to the temple.Since it is on a rock  it has never gone underwater.We cat stay there till the floods go dawn .Now we will have to walk across a few feet of flood.So everyone take a stick and walk carefully. In case somebody gets lost ,do all of know uncle’s telephone number.