Landslides are caused by the sliding down of rocks and boulders down natural slopes of steep mountains at a great speed. A landslide becomes a disaster if it occurs quickly and causes loss of life and damage to property. Though it is natural occurrence, human activities too play a major role.


Before a landslide

If your keen observer, you will be able to notice certain phenomena that occur before a landslide in a high risk area. In such areas it is important to be extra vigilant about the environment, especially during heavy rainy seasons. Below is a report from a TV programmed about a house in a landslide area


if you live in an area where there are risks of landslides, be vigilant at times when:

·         There is continuous heavy showers of rain

·         There is sudden burst of heavy rain

·         unusual behavior of animals and birds



if you live in a house near a river, be vigilant at times when:

·         There is an unusual noise

·         There is sudden rise or a fall in the water level of the river

·         There are water currents

·         The clear water at the bottom of the river turns muddy and dull be prepared to
         leave your house immediately. You must move away from the landslide.
        You must move to a place where there have been no landslides earlier. 



Signs of potential landslide sites

·         Appearance of tension cracks on walls of buildings from bottom to top
·         Sliding subsidence and tension crack on the slopes
·         Gradually slanting of trees, lamp posts, etc on slopes
·         on rainy days muddy springs suddenly appear at base of hills.